It is your fault

The first thing you need to learn, if you want more sex, is that you cannot control anyone else but yourself.  So realize now.  The reason you are not getting sex is because you are getting yourself in the way of better sex. Yes, I am still in the way of my own better sex. And so are you.

If you go to any decent marrieg counselor, or read any good books on marriage improvement, they will all point out the fact you need to fix yourself before you try and fix anything else. (Notice I said Anything, not Anyone)  Remeber the beam in your eye parable from the savior? He also knew what was going on with people.  It is so much easier to say, “That person has the problem, they need to fix it.” than “I am the problem and I need to fix it.”  It’s hard to say and harder to do.  It takes what people are now calling “Emotional Intelligence” to see what I am doing wrong and improve.


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