Stuggles with Perfecting Sex

I have been working on improving my sex life for over ten years now. There have been ups and down, road blocks and break throughs; However, being a member of a church that is seeking perfection. I am always trying to improve my sexual situation.

The sex, when it happens, is better than it used to be. However, I still spend about 80% of the time trying to figure out how to get sex more often.

From the little bit of data I have gathered, Here is an excellent article from marriage.com on frequency. In this article, they say a sexless marriage is less than ten times a year. I have also heard a sexless marriage is less than three times a month. On the Jimmy Kimmel show, they took an informal survey, and most of the couples said five times a month. So, with that statistic, I am thinking most marriages on the verge of being considered sexless. It also states in the article from marriage.com that if both partners are happy with how often sex is happening, then that is the ideal.

I come from the point of view that the frequency is all my fault and I am not meeting all of my wife’s needs, and I am not taking care of her as I should. I am still working towards perfection.


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